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Updated news

1 2010-08-25: First Pidim SVN release.
2 As of this first svn commit, on https://herewe.servebeer.com/svn/pidim
3 Pidim has currently 3 filters: pidim_transpose, pidim_split_chan
4 and pidim_split_port.
6 2010-08-26: Arpeggiator and CC/VAL swapper added
7 As of today, an pidim_arpeggiate has been added, based on the miniArp.c
8 code by Matthias Nagorni. A ControlChange/Value swapper has also been
9 added, to help to send a unique value from multiple controllers with
10 actually only one controller (the value become the controller's number).
12 2012-04-11: SVN rebirth on https://dbx.gtmp.org/svn/pidim/
13 pidim may not evolute though. Check out the LV2 port at
14 https://dbx.gtmp.org/svn/lv2/

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