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revision 1 by ben, Wed Aug 25 18:17:40 2010 UTC revision 20 by ben, Fri Aug 27 00:11:30 2010 UTC
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1    2010-08-25: First Pidim SVN release.
2            As of this first svn commit, on https://herewe.servebeer.com/svn/pidim
3            Pidim has currently 3 filters: pidim_transpose, pidim_split_chan
4            and pidim_split_port.
6    2010-08-26: Arpeggiator and CC/VAL swapper added
7            As of today, an pidim_arpeggiate has been added, based on the miniArp.c
8            code by Matthias Nagorni. A ControlChange/Value swapper has also been
9            added, to help to send a unique value from multiple controllers with
10            actually only one controller (the value become the controller's number).

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