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1 <html>
2 <head>
3 <title>libspopc: a simple pop3 mail client library</title>
4 <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/ben.css"/>
5 </head>
6 <body>
7 <center>
8 <h1><tt>libspopc</tt> : a simple pop3 mail client library</h1>
9 </center>
10 <p><tt>libspopc</tt> is a simple and light pop3 mail client
11 library used by <em>small</em> programs. one of <tt>libspopc</tt>'s purposes
12 is to help developpers to host easily a pop3 mail client in their
13 programs. It appears that various projets use it, although it began
14 as a toy library, and still given without any warranty at all.
15 So, now <tt>libspopc</tt> support also SSL encrypted connections
16 (thx to Jeff, and <a href=
17 "http://www.openssl.org/">openssl</a>), but it still can
18 be built without SSL support for size reduction.</p>
19 <p><tt>libspopc</tt> provides an easy-to-learn session interface,
20 that c++ developer can easily wrap into a class.
21 A socket-level interface (low-end) has been kept for those who
22 prefer to manage sockets directly.
24 I encourage to use the session-level interface, much more easy.</p>
26 <p><tt>libspopc</tt> is released under the <a href=
27 "http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.txt">GNU Lesser General Public
28 Licence</a> (LGPLv2) and can be used by open-source programs as well
29 as closed-source programs while the terms of the LGPL are respected.</p>
30 <p>This library works on many UNIX flavours (GNU/Linux, *BSD, ...),
31 MacOS X, OpenVMS, and recent MS-windows versions (NT, 2000, XP).
32 It can also be built on older MS-windows versions as well (95, 98, Me)
33 when having the right DLLs (msvcrt), and compiled
34 with the -DWIN32 preprocessor flag (no more tested, though).</p>
35 <h2>Features</h2>
36 <ul>
37 <li>small and complete, easy to embed</li>
38 <li>very easy to code with</li>
39 <li>SSL connection support (can be disabled)</li>
40 <li>depend only on libc, if no need for SSL</li>
41 <li>tested on various OSes and libCs</li>
42 <li>free source code</li>
43 </ul>
44 <h2>The C API (programming interface)</h2>
45 <p><tt>libspopc</tt> has been written in <tt>C</tt> and provides two
46 easy APIs for a thin pop3 client. The full (and latest) api is described in <tt>libspopc.h</tt> header file.
47 The latest manual is availabe as text file in the source package.
48 You can read the same file online:
49 <a href="manual.txt">online libspopc manual</a>
50 to have a quick overview on how to code with <tt>libspopc</tt>.</p>
51 <h2>Building on different systems</h2>
52 <p>Building <tt>libspopc</tt> is easy with the provided Makefile.
53 If you have broblems with building <tt>libspopc</tt>, you can try additionnal
54 building files kindly provided by contributors:</p>
55 <ul>
56 <li>for Microsoft users, Juni Kivilahti wrote an <a href=
57 "libspopc04.msvc.zip">MSVC++
58 project spec</a>, not maintained, no ssl</li>
59 <li>to build libspopc for OpenVMS, see the vms/ subdir in the source package.</li>
60 </ul>
61 Read the README file to know how to disable SSL, enable thread-safety,
62 enable WIN32 support, etc..
63 <h2>Developement of the library</h2>
64 <p>
65 <tt>libspopc</tt> is rather small and will stay small.
66 It is only an RFC1939 implementation and a partial RFC2595 implementation.
67 </p>
68 <p>
69 fixes or enhancements are very welcomed: code is browseable at:
70 <a href="https://svn.gtmp.org/libspopc/">libspopc svn repository</a> and checkoutable with: <pre>$ svn co svn://svn.gtmp.org/libspopc</pre>.
71 I really encourage to send me your patches such that your
72 improvements can be applied to the "canonical" code.
73 <p>Further additionnal features will be bound to the pop3
74 extensions defined in the <a href=
75 "http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2449.txt">RFC2449</a>.
76 </p>
77 Please read the README file and the Makefile
78 to know all build options available.
79 </p>
80 <p>
81 <em>Enjoy and stretch the toy :-)</em>
82 </p>
83 <h2>Help wanted...</h2>
84 <p>
85 If you like it, i am always grateful for code review
86 and patch inclusion to make a better code.
87 <hr width="99%">
88 <p>&copy; 2002 Beno&icirc;t Rouits</p>
89 </body>
90 </html>

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