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1 <html>
2 <head>
3 <title>CSV2LaTeX: a csv to LaTeX file converter</title>
4 <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/ben.css"/>
5 </head>
6 <body>
7 <h1>CSV2LaTeX, a csv to LaTeX file converter</h1>
8 <p>
9 csv2latex converts a well formed csv file (as done by OOo Calc, gnumeric
10 or Excel) to a LaTeX document. it is written in C and flush the document
11 to the standard output. The number of columns is automatically
12 detected.
13 </p>
14 <h2>Examples</h2>
15 <p>
16 let's say we have to convert a table.csv to a
17 document.tex file. This generally do the trick:
18 </p>
19 <pre>
20 ~$ csv2latex table.csv &gt; document.tex
21 </pre>
22 <p>However... we can specify the format of the csv file, and some output disposition:</p>
23 <pre>~$ csv2latex --separator c --block d --lines 40 --position l table.csv &gt; document.tex
24 </pre>
25 <p>this previous command takes a csv file which separator is a comma, block delimiter is a
26 double-quote, and produces a LaTeX document with 40 lines per table and
27 where the text is flushed left in each cell. 40 lines is a good average
28 for A4 paper.</p>
29 <p>another example:</p>
30 <pre>
31 ~$ csv2latex --separator s --block q --lines 20 --position c table.csv &gt; document.tex
32 </pre>
33 <p>this one takes a csv file which separator is a semi-colon, block delimiter is a
34 simple quote and produces a LaTeX document with 20 lines per table and
35 where the text is centered in each cell.</p>
36 <p> If you have tricky block delimiter such as $ and separators like tabs,
37 let the program guess:</p>
38 <pre>
39 ~$ csv2latex --guess table.csv &gt; document.tex
40 </pre>
42 <h2>Source code</h2>
43 <p>
44 The latest source is in a SVN repository, freely accessible at:
45 <a href="https://svn.gtmp.org/svn/csv2latex/">csv2latex svn repository</a><br />
46 The stable version is available here as:
47 <a href="http://brouits.free.fr/csv2latex/csv2latex-0.20.tar.gz">csv2latex-0.20.tar.gz</a><br />
49 <h2>Binary package</h2>
50 <h3>Debian package (source + binary)</h3>
51 <p>
52 The official Debian package of csv2latex came into debian thanks to Rafael Laboissiere.
53 </p>
54 <h2>if you like this software...</h2>
55 <p>
56 Feel free to report any successful or painful stories using csv2latex.
57 To help the maintenance of csv2latex, you can send patches or feature requests
58 to me. Packaging for your favourite distro would also be very nice.
59 This software is licenced under the <a
60 href="http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.txt">GNU General Public Licence version 2</a>.
61 </p>
63 <hr width="99%">
64 <p>Any question on csv2latex? contact me by <a
65 href="mailto:brouits@free.fr">email</a>.</p>
66 </body>
67 </html>

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